About Us

CarExpressions.net is a website for all auto enthusiasts, with a focus on the auto body industry and the styling of vehicles. Not so much on the power plants and racing.

A Little History:

Porsche 911

My friend Chuck’s car just needed a few scratches repaired, you know how those Porsche owners are…..

I’m Ken Dinino, just an average person who enjoys the art of the automobile. Starting back in my high school years I always enjoyed working on cars and dirt bikes, etc., anything I could take apart to put back together to make it better. I began to appreciate the “looks” of vehicles over the way they ran. If I fixed an engine or something mechanical, I could not really “see” what I had done. However, taking a dented fender, painting it, and making it look like it was never damaged was much more exciting to me. So off to the collision trade school I went.

Fast forward thirty-four years and here I am after a career in the auto body industry. Some of the titles I have had throughout that time include:

  • Insurance adjuster
  • Shop manager
  • Shop owner
  • Estimator
  • Collision technician
  • Painter
  • Instructor

Even though I have experience in these categories, my real passion is doing the work. Taking a smashed up vehicle and making it look like new again. I have been known to repair some cars that others would not touch, not always a good financial decision but more of a challenge. Also in the restoration of old cars, classic cars will always be a work of art to finish and the end result is very satisfying.

My late Gram, lived to 101

After owning and working in large and small shops, I much prefer to have a small body shop with much less headaches and more attention to details. I have a much better personal re-poreĀ  with my customers. My only form of advertising is word of mouth, always has been that way. I am located north of Houston,Tx. where there is no shortage of work, people just don’t drive well here!

What is the Goal of Car Expressions?

I have learned a lot over the years and you never stop learning. I would like to give back a bit of knowledge to anyone who can benefit from it.

I would also like to help anyone who is thinking about purchasing a car accessory or maybe a tool to work on a vehicle to make a better decision on what to buy. Let’s face it, cars do have personality. You see your car as nobody else does, sometimes you even treat it like your child. Dressing it up, giving it a makeover, or whatever you want to give it it’s own uniqueness. It could be anything from painting a stripe (tattoo) on it or maybe putting a rear spoiler on it. So hopefully you’ll find something on this website that may inspire something for your own vehicle. I will be doing this through product reviews, personal experience, and research. And just for kickers, I am going to try and bring you some pictures or videos of car “stuff” that may never be available without someone posting it online.

I hope you’ll find my website entertaining as well as informational.