The question is simple, why do we love our cars?

The answer to that question covers various facets, and the very fact that the answer is so complex and varied is actually a pretty good testimony to how we feel about our cars in general. No matter if it is in trying to get the latest model, trying to be fashionable, customizing it, making them more powerful than they were before, we have a tendency to view our car as being more than just a mode of transport. Is it any surprise that the entire industry is worth an absolute fortune every single year?

So, here is an important point to make. The way in which we can make our car appear individualistic to us, and with it, therefore, being a reflection of our personality, our quality of life, or anything else connected to a public perception is why we love them.

We all have different reasons for owning a particular type of car. Some will love their vehicle thanks to its off-road capabilities where they are able to push it to its absolute limits and then cruise back home on the normal roads.

4 wheeling

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Others prefer to effectively purchase an old, beaten-up vehicle that they can bring back to life and make their own. All of that blood, sweat, and probably a few tears turns that wreck into an absolute labor of love. Of course, you also get something of value at the end, so you see that your hard work was worth it all.

It is no surprise that we love our cars so much considering the amount of time that we spend in them. Just think about the commute to work and sitting in that jam. Surely the last thing that you want to be doing is sitting in that jam in a vehicle that just fails to inspire you in any way? Surely it is more beneficial if you can think about how you can improve your car so that it is less boring, more practical, more comfortable, or anything else about it that you feel is letting it down in some way.

The cool part is that there are very few rules in place to limit you as to what you can do. Sure, there are some that are there for road safety, but aside from that, it is all too easy to do pretty much whatever you want. If you own a Chevrolet built in the 1950’s and want to put TV screens into the car, then as long as you have the money and access to someone with the technical knowledge, then you can do it.

Too often, we have difficulty in taking other things that we own, such as our home as an example, and make alterations to it as and when we see fit to do so due to the cost and the various regulations that we have to contend with. Once again, that is not an issue with our car. Instead, even pretty large-scale adjustments or improvements can be achieved without breaking the bank. Tired of the color of your vehicle? Then some detailing can be inexpensive, and yet it will completely transform how it looks on the outside.

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But then, the same can be said for the interior of the car. Often, it can look boring as the finishings are just not able to inspire you. However, altering the trim, as a simple example, will breathe new life into your vehicle, and with there being so many options available with just this one area, then it is all too easy to become embroiled in dreaming about our next project. The world literally is your oyster when it comes to making these decisions.

There is yet another reason as to why we love our cars, and it is to do with our sources of inspiration. We see them around us constantly. As we go about our daily lives, we view cars of all shapes, sizes, and finishes with that not even including the range of customization options that are also available. We are constantly reminded of the possibilities that are out there. We even go to car shows to seek inspiration and to see what others have done to their vehicles and how we can replicate it.

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Finally, there is the idea that some of us just hate to be part of a crowd. We find the very idea of all driving the same Prius just in a different color makes us feel as if we just want to give up driving entirely. It feels as if it sucks the very soul from our body.

If we can then go ahead and counteract those feelings by doing a custom paint job, or including various accessories in our car that you just do not get with the factory model, then it makes us unique. Add in the way that we can reflect our personality, and the only thing that then ties in our car with others is in sharing the same model name, and that is pretty cool.

So, ultimately why do we love our cars? Well, for a multitude of reasons, but perhaps most importantly it is linked to our ability to create something unique to us no matter if it is in a big or small way. From changing the color, to completely altering the interior, so much is possible and it fits in perfectly with our need to be creative. The fact that our car plays such a key role in our lives just further exacerbates our need to look after our car to the best of our ability. If we can then make it special to us, and reflect who we really are as people, then that is certainly not going to be a bad thing.

In other words, if you feel that your vehicle is lacking in something, then it does not have to stay that way. Spend time thinking about what you like individually and then invest some effort into looking at the accessories that tie in with your thoughts. Trust us when we say that there are a multitude of options out there no matter your budget, and it will turn your car from being something you just use into something that you absolutely love.