Car wraps and vehicle graphics are increasing at an incredibly fast
pace. Bearing this in mind, a lot of existing print shops are trying to
cash in on this by offering vehicle wraps to their customers. Vehicle
wraps aren’t a job for just anyone. A good quality car wrap requires
experience and knowledge in many different fields. Here at digital
revolution, we have a team of well trained wrappers and pride ourselves
in the quality of our work. However, not every print company can say the
same. We’re going to tell you a few of our tips and tricks to achieving
the perfect car wrap.

Designing your car wrap

When designing a business card, all you need to do is choose a
template, add your company logo and information and there you go, your
business cards are done. However, the surface of a car is not flat like
a business card and ergo it is very difficult in comparison. You need to
find a designer who has a lot of experience in working with the angles,
curves and spaces of a vehicle. Your designer should be using the right
tools and the latest vehicle templates in order to achieve a smooth
design on your vehicle. If a designer is to ignore either of these
factors then it will result in a wrap that is of poor quality which
could lead to having a negative effect on your company.

Producing your car wrap

Now with producing a wrap, it’s not as simple as pressing the print
button on a design. A lot of complicated steps are taken to reach a
great image. With every individual vinyl comes a particular print
profile. – Never heard of a print profile? Basically it’s a code created
for a specific vinyl to tell the printer exactly how much ink is needed
to be put on the vinyl in order to get the best results. A lot of print
shops don’t even bother with this step and just use one profile for all
vinyls. The results of this makes the vinyl dull in colour and will
leave your wrap not looking right.

Installing your car wrap

The installation process is the last but not least important step of
your wrap.

Your design is great, your print is perfect, but it’s not over. These
factors could be wiped away if your wrap is applied by an unexperienced
and unmotivated wrapper installs your wrap. A big part of the
installation is in fact the location. You must wrap a vehicle inside a
dust free environment otherwise your vehicle will have dust particles
underneath the vinyl and if that happens, it will look like you’ve put a
layer of sand on your car before the vinyl and trust us, that will not
look good.

A giant misconception is that everyone seems to think that a vehicle
wrap is simply a giant sticker. If you think that, you couldn’t be more
wrong. In order to learn the correct way to install a wrap, it takes
numerous hours and a lot (and we mean a lot) of wasted
vinyl. The actual installation of the wrap is very difficult but the
final trimming of the wrap is a lot more of a challenge. When trimming
the wrap, the wrapper requires a steady hand, a lot of patience and a
good technique. This is what differentiates a good installer and a great
installer. The key is to make the wrap to look like a paint job.

car wrapping in Manchester
Article by Matthew Czok